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Best Baby Waterproof Velvet Cotton Urine Mat L (29*37)

Best Baby Waterproof Velvet Cotton Urine Mat L (29*37)

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Its main function is to isolate the urine, in order to make sure the following plate or mattress is not urine soaking, urine pad wet best replaced immediately, to ensure the baby's bottom is dry.

Key features

  • Better prevent urine pad designed for surface layer
  • Absorbent layer and waterproof layer, the underlying respectively
  • The waterproof layer of TPU waterproof breathable membrane
  • The design of the urine pad, fully take into account the water imbibition, waterproof, air permeability, comfort requirements, etc
  • The baby more comfortable


  • Brand: Best Baby
  • Type: Urine pad
  • Dimension: 29in X 37in
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