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Aveeno Baby Daily Care Wipes 72 Pcs

Aveeno Baby Daily Care Wipes 72 Pcs

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AVEENO Baby Daily Care Baby Wipes cleanse gently and efficiently. The wipes are mild & gentle, and can be used all over the body even on sensitive skin. They leave baby’s skin feeling hydrated & protected.

  • gently cleanses baby’s face & body
  • for baby’s dry and sensitive skin
  • suitable for newborns
  • with natural oat extract + aloe
  • 99% naturally derived lotion on wipes
  • pH-balanced
  • free from fragrance, dyes & alcohol
  • Paediatrician & Dermatologist tested

1 pack contains 72 wipes.

To dispose of your used wipes responsibly, follow the guidance on the packaging. Always put your used wipes in the bin, never flush down the toilet. Because our wipes currently contain polyester, a type of plastic, they shouldn’t go in the recycling or compost bin either.

How to use:
Suitable for use all over baby’s body, including bottoms, and face everyday. Simply open the pack, remove a wipe and clean your baby’s skin. Close lid after use.

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