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Biomil 3 Follow-up Milk Formula Tin (1-2Y) - 400g

Biomil 3 Follow-up Milk Formula Tin (1-2Y) - 400g

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BIOMIL 3 is a growing-up equation that covers every one of the healthful necessities of babies from 1 year up to the age of 2 years in mix with an enhanced eating regimen. Appropriate from (Age Group): 1-2 Years.

Ingredients: lactose, milk proteins, maltodextrin, saccharose and vegetable oils.

Benefits: Biomil 3 Follow-Up Milk Formula Powder is advanced with fundamental unsaturated fats, iron, zinc, copper, iodine, and 13 nutrients including most eminently nutrients A, B, C, D, E, and K in order to address the issues of little kids. BIOMIL 3 is a top-notch child milk powder.


  • Gives an ideal admission of fundamental and semi-fundamental amino acids.
  • Ideal unsaturated fat profile on account of the utilization underway of a particular mix of vegetable oils.
  • Ideal level and proportion of fundamental unsaturated fats (ω3 and ω6) for legitimate baby improvement and AA and DHA amalgamation.
  • Advanced with the 4 restrictively fundamental supplements (Choline, Taurine, Inositol and L-Carnitine).
  • Advanced with 12 minerals and 13 nutrients in consistence with every day suggested admissions.

Storage & Safety: Utilize a clean waterproof holder, Replace the top earnestly after every use and store in a cool, dry spot. Confirmation your kid's teeth are cleaned after the last feed around evening time to agitate tooth decay. Never let your youngster be during killing consideration of to remain from hazard of dazzling covering. Contains probiotic social orders. Stick to course for limit. For interest, use substance inside 3 weeks working out true to form to opening.

Made In Belgium.

Net Weight: 400 g

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