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Heinz Creating Food Explorers Pear (4m+) 110g

Heinz Creating Food Explorers Pear (4m+) 110g

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Heinz Pear 4+Months are delicate on the stomach and along these lines are brilliant for children who perhaps experiencing reflux/ vomiting. It contains no sodium, soaked fats or cholesterol. Crude pear can be a stifling danger in light of the fact that the food is elusive and firm. In that time you steam or cook pears until they are delicate, or cut them daintily, so pears custard perhaps presented when your child is prepared to begin solids, which is for the most part over 4 months old.

Ingredients: Pear, Vitamin C, concentrated lemon juice.


0rigin E. U
Specialty No artificial flavor, suitable for vegetarians.
Weight 110g
Made in Australia
Manufacturer Heinz


Benefits: A puree of Pear for babies 4 Months+, pressed in containers for newborn children 4 months+. This item is made utilizing Good Manufacturing Practices and has been thermally prepared to accomplish business sterility.

How to apply:

  • To serve, basically spoon into a bowl and serve cold or warmth in a microwave until warm.
  • In the wake of warming, test temperature prior to serving to child.
  • Dispose of uneaten serving.


  • Heinz Pear 4+Months is for a long time a half year or more.
  • Pureed.
  • No additional shadings nor flavors.
  • No additives nor added sugar.

Storage and Safety: Once Heinz Pear 4+Months is opened, unheated food left in the holder can be controlled in the cooler for as long as 48 hours. Content on this site is for reference purposes and is everything with the exception of a substitute for counsel from a recognized clinical advantage prepared. You ought not depend totally upon this substance, and we expect that no responsibility with yielding should messes up. Dependably/Carefully read prints and course going before utilizing a thing. In addition, for additional subtleties, if it’s not very aggregate/pack inconvenience, contact the producer.

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