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Induction Electric Walking Dancing Crawl Crab Toy

Induction Electric Walking Dancing Crawl Crab Toy

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Battery Operated

You'll be amazed when your little one masters the art of crawling and walking with the electric sensor crab toy. Equipped with advanced sensors, the toy adapts to baby's movements, providing a dynamic play experience that promotes motor skill development.


🦀【Crawling crab baby toy】it moves fast, slides sideways like a real crab, plays fun sounds and music, and it will glow. It has sensors and changes direction when approaching obstacles.

🦀【Crab toys】babies from 0-6 months like to watch crabs running around on their tummy! Great for baby to follow along and exercise the neck muscles. Great toy to motivate kids who don't want to look up when they're on their tummy.

🦀【Long time playing】the electronic music crab toy is powered by 3 aa batteries, which can last for 20-30 minutes (about 2 hours) after being fully charged.

🦀【High quality material】this multifunctional crawling crab toy is made of high quality material, which is durable, sturdy, wear-resistant and shockproof. Safe and non-toxic, the smooth edges are harmless to children.


✅Physical development: Encourages crawling and walking, promotes muscle development and coordination.
✅Cognitive development: Inspires curiosity, problem-solving skills, and an understanding of cause and effect.
✅Sensory stimulation: Mobilize vision, touch, hearing, and promote all-round development.
✅Safe exploration: Obstacle avoidance technology ensures a safe gaming environment.

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