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Infacol Simeticone Colic Relief Drops 55ml (0m+)

Infacol Simeticone Colic Relief Drops 55ml (0m+)

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exp 03/2026
Infacol Effective Colic Relief has been specially formulated to relieve wind, infant colic and griping pain.

  • Can be used from birth onwards
  • Pleasant orange flavour
  • Sugar, alcohol and colourant free
  • Comes with a convenient integrated dropper – making it easy to give to your baby

Infacol contains the active ingredient simethicone and will may help relieve wind, infant colic and griping pain from birth onwards. It is free of sugar, alcohol and colourant with a pleasant orange flavour. Infacol comes with a handy, integrated dropper to make it easy to give to your baby.

How To Use

One dropper full (0.5ml) of Infacol should be given before each feed. This may be increased to two droppers full (1ml), if wind, colic and gripping griping symptoms persist.

Infacol's active ingredient, simethicone, does not get absorbed into your baby’s body. Infacol can be used as often as required, before each and every feed regardless of how many times you feed your baby during the day.

Safety Warning

Simeticone Infacol is inert and not absorbed into the body. Infacol is not known to cause any unwanted effects. Methyl and propyl hydroxybenzoates may cause allergic reactions (possible delayed). If you think your baby may be allergic to any of the ingredients, ask your doctor or health visitor before giving Infacol. If symptoms do not improve seek medical advice.

Made In Germany

Net Weight: 55 ML

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