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Kidz Diaper Belt Newborn (0-4 kg) 25 pcs

Kidz Diaper Belt Newborn (0-4 kg) 25 pcs

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Kidz baby diapers are based on German technology. Its Japanese absorbent paper ensures maximum absorbency.

A big elastic waistband fits with the baby's body perfectly. The traceless magic belt makes the diaper easy to put on. The beehive surface is ultra-soft and skin-friendly. The 3-dimensional leak guard prevents leakage. These diapers are free from latex, fragrance, chlorine, phthalate, and petroleum-based lotion. A wetness indicator is there to show the mother when it is time for a change.

This highly absorbent Kidz Newborn diaper helps to keep your baby's skin dry & fresh. Ensure your baby's comfort and uninterrupted sound sleep, keep dry throughout daily adventure. Especially assists mother and baby during whole night and outdoor travel.

  • Size: NB
  • Allowable weight of the baby:0-4 kg
  • Quantity: 25 Pcs
  • Wetness indicator: Yes
  • Belt system
  • FDA approved.

Origin: China

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