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Lansinoh Natural Wave Teat Fast Flow (6m+)- 2pcs

Lansinoh Natural Wave Teat Fast Flow (6m+)- 2pcs

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The unique Natural Wave design enables a wider latch-on, similar to a baby’s natural latch and with a super soft and flexible design, the silicone teat allows baby to control the milk flow so baby can enjoy a comfortable feed.

  • Super soft and flexible 100% silicone teat
  • Works with any Lansinoh feeding bottle (glass or plastic)
  • Helps maintain established breastfeeding patterns, making it easy to switch from breast to bottle and back again.
  • Clinically proven to encourage baby's 'wave-like' tongue movement, promoting instinctive sucking action.
  • Air ventilation system reduces intake of air, a potential cause of colic

How To Use: Simply insert the teat into the bottle collar. To ensure product hygiene, ensure teat is sterilized prior to use.

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