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Malibu Kids High Protection Lotion SPF 50, 100ml

Malibu Kids High Protection Lotion SPF 50, 100ml

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  • With very high SP factor 50 sun-cream you will get the ultimate protection against harmful and damaging UV rays for you and your children’s delicate and sensitive skin.
  • Malibu sun care is suitable for all skin types being soft and gentle on skin, perfect for all the family.
  • It’s amazing formula is very water resistant meaning your little ones can play in the pool or in the sea at the beach with no worrying about sun damage.
  • Apply generously to skin before going outside and reapply frequently if rubbed off.
  • Treat your child’s skin to all the nutrients it requires, lotion contains healing aloe vera and vitamin e.

Made In England

Net Weight: 100 ML

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