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Nestle Cerelac Honey & Wheat (From 12 Months) 400g

Nestle Cerelac Honey & Wheat (From 12 Months) 400g

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Nestle Cerelac wheat and nectar is made with 100% usual ingredients propped with key minerals and supplements to hinder healthy needs like Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamins an and C associates support kids trademark gatekeepers and conventional turn of events and headway contains BIFIDUS BL which are regularly powerful social orders that assistance to develop the newborn child's normal securities ensures basic edibility cerelac stage 3 (12months+) familiarizes new taste with develop ingredients.

Ingredients: Bifidum culture, dried skimmed milk, nectar, olein, palm, low erucic corrosive rapeseed oil, coconut oil, Wheat flour, sunflower oil, maltodextrin, sucrose, vanillin, minerals and Vitamins.

Benefits: Each serve of cerelac outfit the uprightness of cereal with 18 huge enhancements. Following a year, regardless milk and cereal feeds, it is similarly fitting to give your baby distinctive food assortments like vegetables, regular items, etc. direction of your pediatrician.


  • Easy to measure.
  • Hinders feeding deficiencies.
  • Helps support with spoiling's regular turn of events and progression.
  • 13 Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Made with 100% standard trimmings / ingredients.

How to prepare:

  • Stage 1: Wash your hands going before setting up child's food. Assurance all utensils are absolutely marvelous.
  • Stage 2: Boil clean drinking water for 5 minutes. Award to cool. Measure 120ml and void tepid water into young person's bowl.
  • Stage 3: Add 6 evened out scoops of CERELAC.
  • Stage 4: Stir until the oat is smooth and feed immediately utilizing an optimal spoon.

Storage: Resulting to opening the pack, the substance should expeditiously be moved to an empty, awesome and dry fixed shut holder. Displace the top immovably after every usage and store in a cool, dry spot. Assurance encased scoop is totally washed and dried before use. Ensuing to opening, use the substance inside 3 weeks or the expiry date, whichever is earlier.

Safety: Infant kid food will be introduced exclusively (after the age of a half year up to the age of two years). Child food should be used particularly on the insight of a prosperity expert concerning the necessity for its usage and the authentic technique for its use. Child food isn't the sole wellspring of food for an infant kid. Use organized feed inside thirty minutes regardless microbial crumbling may set in. Discard unused feed.

Net Weight: 400g

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