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Soffell Anti Mosquito Repellent Liquid Spray 80ml

Soffell Anti Mosquito Repellent Liquid Spray 80ml

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Soffell repellent floral fragrance is a high quality and effective repellent in form with floral fragnance. The effective active ingredient is DEET. This repellent will protect you effectively for 7 hours from mosquitos and other annoying insect. One of the best repellents. Your skin will be soft and not sticky after use of this repellent.

Key features

  • Good smell with floral fragrance
  • Soffell with fragrance that protects and keeps your from mosquitoes long 7 hr
  • Apply lotion to leg, arm and neck for protection mosquitoes
  • This product is from leading department store thailand
  • Reliable product & high quality


  • Do not apply for children under 4 years old
  • Do not eat
  • It is not supplement of Skin moisturizer or Powder
  • Test with your small (on your arm) area for allergy testing avoid from children
  • Use when it is necessary
  • Avoid to sensitive skin area eg. eyes, Lip, Armpit, eye lit, or wound
  • After applying on your skin, wash you hands

How to use

  • Spread evenly on part of body that needs protection from mosquitos

Net Weight: 80ml

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