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Tommee Tippee Flexipen Digital Thermometer

Tommee Tippee Flexipen Digital Thermometer

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1x FlexiPen™ digital thermometer

1x protective case

  • Please make sure the environment temperature is between 16°C - 31°C before use.
  • Press power switch to turn the unit on.
  • It will beep when you turn it on to indicate sufficient power and you will see this full segment screen for a few seconds:

  • After the full segment screen, you will see the last measured value with “Last Memory” on the display.
  • After a few more seconds the screen will display Lo°C or Lo°F. Then the °C or °F symbol will flash. Please wait for the symbol to flash 3 times before taking a measurement.
  • The thermometer will beep when its finished taking a reading:

  • During measurement LCD will display Lo°C or Lo°F if the measured temperature is below 32°C / 90°F or will display Hi°C or Hi°F if the measured temperature is above 43.9°C / 111°F
  • Turn off the unit by lightly pressing the power switch or leave it for a few minutes and it will auto-off to save power.
  • To maintain the accuracy of each measurement, please wait for at least 3 minutes before taking another measurement.

How to toggle between °C and °F:

Press switch to turn on and hold it down until the display shows Lo°C (with no flash), release the switch and within 2 seconds press it again. You do this to change from °C to °F or back.

  • In-Mouth
  • The mouth should remain closed for up to 5 minutes before taking a reading. Place the probe well under the tongue. Instruct child not to bite the probe. Measurement time = 8-15 seconds. Under
  • Armpit
  • The armpit is not an ideal site to measure body temperature because you’re measuring the surface of the skin and not a closed body cavity. Ensure the armpit is dry. Place the thermometer under the armpit and press arm tightly next to the body. Ensure the sensor is covered under the armpit. We recommend a longer measuring time of 60+ seconds for this method
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