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Water Wipes Baby Wipes Fragrance-Free 12 Pack 720 Sheet

Water Wipes Baby Wipes Fragrance-Free 12 Pack 720 Sheet

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Looking for the world's purest baby wipes? Try fragrance-free WaterWipes Baby Wipes. A newborn's skin is much thinner and more delicate than our own, so it should be cleansed with only the gentlest and purest elements possible. Baby WaterWipes are the only premium baby wipes unscented and made with just water (99.9%), specially purified and softened, and a tiny drop (.01%) of grapefruit seed extract – a natural skin conditioner. These hypoallergenic and unscented baby wipes, fragrance-free, are designed to be gentle and safe for the most delicate skin, yet as convenient as regular cloth baby wipes. That makes them suitable for premature and newborn skin, as well as eczema-prone skin and allergy sufferers. Carry these travel-size baby wipes with you wherever you travel. Baby wipes like these are perfect for those looking for a baby wipes sensitive skin option. Be sure to keep a baby wipes container tucked in a cozy spot for warm wipes. Parents around the world are discovering the benefits of our gentle and safe WaterWipes for their baby’s skin. Pick up this WaterWipes 60-count travel baby wipes pack today or get your baby wipes in bulk with our larger packs. Now you can clean and change your baby with confidence.

* 1 Pack= 60 Wipes

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